Why we’re here

Dear friends and followers of Shades of Noir,

We would like to thank all our panellists and the audience that took part in our most recent event ‘Race Religion and Free Speech: The power of Social and Broadcast Media’ Race Religion & Free Speech.  It was a fully booked event with a full house. We salute you!

The Q&A session raised some interesting discussion that continue to empower marginalised communities voice and unify people on core ideologies around:

1)    Equality & Privilege
2)    Representation & Power
3)    Responsibility & Future of the creative sector

Theses events have been created to offer opportunities to have critical and interdisciplinary discussions and confront some of the items that we see and do that can sometimes be challenging, including the concept of marginalised groups needing safe spaces to articulate self-determination and liberate the struggles from oppressive structures.
In order for the oppressed to be able to wage the struggle for their liberation, they must perceive the reality of oppression not a closed world from which there is no exit, but as a limiting situation which they can transform. This perception is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for liberation; it must become the motivating force for liberating action. Freire (1996:31)

The context of this discussion was about media and freedom of speech, this would inevitably involve an exploration of what are the boundaries for people being able to express controversial, ideological views using different media platforms.  This platform encourage critical and open discussion, which it definitely did.  In fact there was one point when a panellist was making a comparison on how the publishers of offensive comments in the media were treated depending on what groups they were referring to. This was a demonstration of freedom of speech in itself and was challenged.  This further confirmed the need and requirements for spaces like this for all students, staff and practioners to share and critically reflect.

The debate continued with points on the regulation of views expressed on social media and concluded with a very positive statement from Shades of Noir founder   Aisha Richards, ‘You who are in the room today, are the current employers and employers of the future, don’t ever forget that power to change the world you have’.

The feedback so far has been fantastic with further food for thought. We hope that we can continue to create forums for discussion and open debate, that then can be shared, discussed, inspire creativity and the creative sectors. 

We at Shades of Noir do not support hate in any form.  We create opportunities for diverse perspectives, ideas and practices to have a place to be provoked and challenged for the grater good of all. SALUTE!