Who is Kimberlé Crenshaw? The facts you need to know!

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Here are just a few facts about Kimberly Crenshaw:

  • Born in Ohio in 1959
  • Studied Government and Africana Studies at Cornell University, then went on to study at Harvard.
  • She is a black legal scholar and a Professor at UCLA and Columbia Law School
  • Coined the term and concept of intersectionality, addressing the lack of representation in white feminism, and finally giving feminists of colour a voice  highlighting the problems black women were facing.
  • Has given lectures on racial matters all over the world.
  • Her work on intersectionality was influential in drafting up the quality cause in the South African Constitution.
  • Authored the background paper on Race and Gender Discrimination for the United World Nation’s World Conference on Racism.
  • Served as a member of the National Science Foundation’s committee to research violence against women.
  • Formerly served as committee chair for the U.S-Brazil joint action plan to promote Racial and Ethnic Qualities



  • 2016 Fellows Outstanding Scholar by the American Bar Foundation
  • 2015 Ebony Power 100
  • 2015 #1 on Ms. Magazine’s list of Feminist Heroes
  • 2016 Named one of Harvard Law Schools “Women Inspiring Change”
  • 2016 Recognised in Diverse: Issues in Higher Education as one of the “Top 25 Women in Higher Education”

These are only the achievements that she has received in the last two years, if you were to include her earlier years the list would just go on and on. As you can see Kimberlé Crenshaw is an outstanding figure and great role model for young black women.