Tongues on Fire Presents London Asian Film Festival

9th – 19th March 2017 

Tongues on Fire is a not-for-profit organisation and our goal is to provide a platform for independent film and arts with a link to South Asia. We celebrate South Asian culture, its vibrancy and its many dimensions through story telling, live events, master classes and film. The company provides a platform for emerging talent – to commission emerging artists, showcase their work, to offer networking occasions with industry leaders and to provide inspiration and learning opportunities.

Tongues on Fire is also the producer of the London Asian Film Festival that aims to entertain, inform, educate and affect change in mood, emotion or thought. This annual film festival has been going strong for over fifteen years and champions both arts and cinema intertwining political and social messages with entertainment.

The London Asian Film Festival is an eclectic mix of films, stimulating interviews, outstanding lectures series, workshops, live performances, visual arts exhibitions, master classes and the annual short film competition. We’re proud to hold the annual London Asian Film Festival awards ceremony that rewards the great films, film makers and artists.

The Festival pushes boundaries and overlaps with global cultures through films and all other art forms with a broad crossover appeal.

Cinema is a magical place. It appeals to all our senses, plugs into other people’s experiences and offers an alternate perspective. Watching a film at the cinema is a shared experience where you go on a collective journey with the rest of the audience. The tears, the laughter, the joy, the suspense and seeing through a window to another world, all is a shared moment. What is more amazing than that?

Our passion for South Asian arts and cinema remains as resilient and strong as it did when Tongues on Fire began.

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