To the couple on the bus

To the couple on the bus.

You’ll never know, but your love for each other made me smile today.

Your love for each other inspired me to write today.

Your love for each other gave me hope today.

It filled me with joy today.

As you gazed and smiled into each other’s eyes.

You communicated not with words,

but with the formations of your fingers,

with the movement of your hands,

the tilting of your necks,

your shoulders,

your eyebrows.

Pulling her close,

dotingly holding her head to your chest.

The devotion in your eyes,

A smile that misfortune couldn’t fade.

You communicate with patience and tenderness.

You embody deafness as a gift,

A sacred language,

A level of closeness or a form of connection that few will ever have the chance to experience.

In silence, your love silenced the atmosphere around me.

Effortlessly, your love took centre stage.

On the 185 towards Forest Hill,

you performed an ode to agape.

I wish you everlasting joy.

That you may continue to warm the hearts of others,

On buses, trains, footpaths and dinner tables.

Thank you for making me smile today.

I’ll still remember you tomorrow.