“The World of Extreme Happiness”—The Shed, National Theatre

Written by Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig
Directed by Michael Longhurst

‘There are only two roads to walk down. You can see the truth—and always be in pain. Or we can look away and be rich. And safe. And happy.’

The World of Extreme HappinessSunny leaves behind her family and her home in rural China for the promise of a job in a factory and a new life. The bright neon lights of Shenzhen soon fade and Sunny is left mopping factory floors, though she wants more—much more.

But her hunger for self-improvement leaves her trapped in the machine of progress as she is forced to face the human cost of wealth, power, fame and honour.

Imaginative and wildly energetic, The World of Extreme Happiness is a powerful new play journeying through the transformation in contemporary China.

The World of Extreme Happiness opens on 25th September and closes on the 26th October.

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