The Rhythm of Action: Rock Against Racism, Chelsea College of Arts

Mark Sealy – MBE Director of Autograph ABP, Syd Shelton and Professor Carol Tulloch are collaborating on a book about the Rock Against Racism (RAR) Movement, 1976-1981, when black and white people came together to address the escalating rise of racism in Britain through gigs, demonstrations and carnivals, graphic design and personal styles. Shelton was a committee member of RAR (London). He photographed many of its events and the contextual narratives that informed RAR. Shelton was also one of the graphic designers of the movement. His work during this period is the basis of the book that will be published by Autograph ABP. This discussion is hosted by TrAIN Research Centre.

The Rhythm of Action: Rock Against Racism will take place on 12th March, from 6 to 7:45pm. For tickets and more details, please click here: