‘The Other Story’ Online: Digital Exhibition Histories

Are you interested in how contemporary art is presented and then critically received? What do you know about the history of racism in the British art establishment? Would you like participate in the design of a web prototype before its public launch?

Dr Lucy Steeds is working with a cross-course team of UAL students to develop an interactive digital platform for documenting and re-activating a highly significant exhibition of contemporary art that took place in 1989: ‘The Other Story: Afro-Asian Artists in Post-War Britain’. This exhibition, which first took place at the Hayward Gallery in London, will be mapped visually and spatially online, and then shared with the public for interactive engagement – all in collaboration with a group of students.

We will gather on Wednesday afternoons during May, 4pm to 6pm at CSM, Kings Cross. We will be joined by visiting speakers – including Rasheed Araeen and Sonia Boyce – and progress updates will be posted by parti

Any enquiries? Please contact Lucy Steeds l.steeds@csm.arts.ac.uk

Research initiated by Afterall at UAL, supported by a Digital Project Grant from the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art and amplified through UAL Curriculum Development Funding.

‘The Other Story’ Online: Digital Exhibition Histories


Wednesday afternoons in May, 4pm to 6pm

Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London

Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, London N1C 4AA


May 4. Venue: D117

Introductory discussion

Lucy Steeds will introduce the ‘The Other Story’ Online: Digital Exhibition Histories. She’ll share some of her research – e.g. offering a tour from today’s perspective of ‘The Other Story’ (Hayward Gallery 1989–90) – while setting out the opportunities to take part in developing a microsite online in response to this show. We will be joined by Lucy Biddle, Interpretation Manager at the Hayward Gallery who is currently leading on a collaboration with Google Cultural Institute to document selected historic shows as part of the Gallery’s 50th anniversary celebrations in 2018.


May 11. Venue: E003: LVMH Lecture Theatre

With Dorian Fraser Moore

Dorian is a designer and technologist who runs The Useful Arts agency (www.theusefularts.org). He is currently developing the microsite dedicated to ‘The Other Story’ and will share his progress with us. Please bring details of any websites you think we might productively discuss in connection. Some specific reference points include the following but it would be a pleasure to be led to think more broadly, since we are thinking about our own microsite very differently: 955000 and Magiciens de la terre


May 18. Venue: D117

With Rasheed Araeen

Artist Rasheed Araeen was the curator of ‘The Other Story’ and will welcome our questions about the exhibition. Please bring your enquiries along – also, for instance, about his artistic practice, the founding of Third Text and ongoing institutional racism within the British art establishment. His archive on ‘The Other Story’ is partially available here


May 25. Venue: D117

With Sonia Boyce

Artist Sonia Boyce took part in ‘The Other Story’ – however, she brings a new perspective through her current research project on Black Artists and Modernism, which takes the show as a focus. In this session we will review the critical reception of ‘The Other Story’. Sonia joins us as a UAL professor, more here


Any enquiries please contact Lucy Steeds l.steeds@csm.arts.ac.uk

Image courtesy of Rasheed Araeen and Asia Art Archive