The Misandrists

18th November 2017 10.30pm

93-95 Mile End Rd
E1 4UJ

A bold tale of radical lesbian separatists who dream of overthrowing the patriarchy and ushering in a new female world order from queer cinema’s enfant terrible Bruce LaBruce. The Female Liberation Army (FLA) hide out in rural Gerwomany under the tutelage of the formidable Big Mother (Bruce LaBruce regular, Susanne Sachsse). Posing as a convent school for wayward girls, they plot revolution in the classroom and entertain themselves with each other’s company. But when a young man – a leftist activist injured whilst eluding capture by the police – accidentally stumbles upon the group, his arrival sets in motion events which test the FLA’s radical brand of feminism and cohesion as a community.

Since the film’s world premiere at this year’s Berlinale, it has ignited explosive debate wherever it has screened. The screening will be followed by a moderated discussion and a chance for the Fringe! audience to share their views and reactions to the film.

Please note: depiction of violence and real surgical operations, discussion of sexual assault.

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