The Canada Diaries: The last day in photographs

The last day in Canada; after four lengthy entries I’m all out of words now but I still have photographs to share, including the mighty beauty of The Niagara Falls.


Looking over the ‘falls in total awe of nature’s power, being so close and thinking “how beautiful, how pretty and how mesmerising.” Yet still knowing that by getting any closer from where I stand, these same ‘falls could instantly take my life. Humbling. Some things the human ego can’t and shouldn’t meddle with, i.e. the course of nature.



My favourite outfit


Chestnut Street – the street our hotel was on and where the conference took place. Connected to Dundas Street and a minutes walk away from the centre. Incredibly accessible and multi-cultural.

The last meal at Zeytouna, just off Chestnut Street.

My first matcha experience at the popular Tsujiri on Dundas St. W. From the day that we arrived, this place always had queues of people waiting to go in. I couldn’t leave without trying it for myself. As a lover of green tea, this soft cream tasted incredibly fresh and pure!

Graffiti in Kensington Market.

My silver hot-steppers – I wore these for my birthday and on the day my conference presentation.

One of the best salad bars eveerrr – The Market of Dundas St. W