The Black Panther Movie, Get Excited!


For those of you who don’t know, the upcoming Black Panther movie is a very big deal. Not only is it a big deal for fans and for Marvel, but it’s a big deal for the black community. This is an insanely big budget film, which is likely to turn into a Franchise, with virtually an all black cast; an all black cast of people, characters who aren’t suffering in poverty or slavery. In fact, it’s the opposite we are our own nation, we are heroes, warriors and leaders; shown to be as advanced or maybe even more advanced than any white man, we are our own power. Initially, I was quite scared that the film wouldn’t be done correctly, that it wouldn’t capture the beauty and power of all of the Black Panther’s rich characters and history, however, if the new trailer tells us anything, it’s that we have nothing to worry about.


Here are some reasons why we should all be excited about the new movie.


The Cast


The casting of this movie is simply amazing, just hearing all of these names in one sentence already makes you think of The Oscars. A very diverse cast of award-winning actors and actresses of world renown from TV from Film and from Theatre; consisting of veterans and newcomers. Just to name a few from the image above, the cast includes heavy hitters such as Forest Whitaker, Lupita Nyong’o who are both Oscar winners, Golden Globe Winner Angela Bassett and many other great talents. The fact that such high-class actors actually decided to join this movie further emphasises how big of a moment this is in history, especially since such a strong ensemble is made up of actors and actresses who are “90% African or African-American”. Even if you’re not a fan of superhero movies just taking a look at this cast will make you want to see what this is about. An all black cast, Hollywood’s first Black superhero movie.


The Director: Ryan Coogler


Ryan Coogler is best known for directing Creed and Fruitvale Station which are both great films consisting of predominantly black casts, but each having completely different stories; the young director has gone from a budget of “$900,000” in Fruitvale Station to around “35 million” in Creed. Black Panther in terms of the sheer scale, size and cost is practically in a whole new dimension compared to his past two projects, like most Marvel Superhero movies, Black Panther is likely to cost “hundreds of millions of dollars”. Looking back at the success of his past work and the great reviews they garnered, The Black Panther movie is sure to be another great achievement to add to Cooglers list, the greatness of the trailer only further emphasises that point.



Representation and The Future


Black representation in TV and Film in 2017 has been great, well not great but it definitely makes us look forward to its continued growth. This film is probably the most expensive black movie to date, the feedback it receives will set the tone and be the deciding factor on the possibility of any other movies of its kind. The black narrative in film is definitely growing: from black family values in Fences, to black Women in Hidden Figures, to black masculinity and homosexuality in the black community in Moonlight and now to black Justice and Heroism in The Black Panther. We should be excited to see this film because it marks the beginning of a new era of big budget black movies. Black directors, black writers, black cast members, Black lives.



Check out the trailer below.