DATE : Saturday 12th November 2016
LOCATION : 198 Contemporary Arts & Learning
TIME : 14:00pm – 16:30pm


The ‘Archive of Unmaterialised History’, has made it their objective to unearth the omissions, voids and inaccuracies in the narratives that currently define our society. Within the decommissioning statment of the Griot/r, a warning was issued, threatening to disrupt the ideals that bind our community together, through each ‘Case of Plausible Doubt’.

As a respected leader in your sector, the potential of irrevocable damage draws near, it is your responsibility to act preemptively and issue a statement to neutralise the threat of the Archive of Unmaterialised History and what is about to be disclosed.

Developed in collaboration w/ Archive of Unmaterialised History & The Adversary

This event is taking place as part of the commission for ‘Futura Free:  a sensing’, curated by Agency for Agency (Barby Asante & Teresa Cisneros) as part of Possible Futures at 198 Contemporary Arts & Learning.