Teaching Within Open Day

Shades of Noirs (SoN) ‘Teaching Within’ (TW) programme is a proactive academic progression intervention that responds directly to the under representation of academics of colour in the creative arts and design higher education sector.  This programme was created in 2016 by Aisha Richards in collaboration with SoN and has been delivered across all 6 different colleges within University of the Arts London (UAL).  This programme responds directly to ‘The Research and Teaching Careers Pipeline’, a key strand of the Race Champion Forum project strands for those whom are ‘Aspiring Academic Graduates’, and ‘existing staff not in an academic role but have a degree in a related subject’.  



There are four communities that are eligible to access this programme:

Shades of Noir (SoN) Graduates and Friends –

The successful development and engagement of SoN since its creation in 2009 has meant there are SoN graduates that are UAL alumni currently in the creative industry

Tell Us About It – ‘Tell Us About It’ (http://www.studentstories.co.uk/assets/pdfs/20100310153604_2003409879.pdf) was created by Terry Finnigan in 2009 and continues to be archived at the Stanley Kubrick Archive at LCC, as it continues to grow.  This programme of work embraces, affirms and presents high achieving UAL students of colour voices through the creation of artifacts, where they reflect on their learning across their degrees. These artifacts are shared with new staff and new students so they become aware of the importance of difference within the student body and how it can enhance the learning experience.

Group for the Equality of Minority Staff (GEMS) –

GEMS is the longest standing and largest UAL staff group.  The growth, engagement and prominence of the GEMS community; contributes to the changes in the UAL culture with regards to diversity, inclusion and equality.  Many non-teaching staff are alumni to UAL and or practicing creative.

BAME Talent Day –

The talent programme that was started at LCF by Angela Drisdale Gordon, which has now been rolled out at several colleges across UAL and has contributed to the progression, access and invitation to industry specialists from diverse backgrounds, many who are UAL alumni.

In addition to being part of one of these 4 communities, to apply for the scheme, the applicant needs to:

  • Have been awarded a BA or and MA in art, design, communication or related subjects
  • Have graduated more than 2 years ago
  • Have worked more than 2 years at UAL in a non teaching role (GEMS only)
  • Have no teaching qualification
  • Not be in full time education currently or during the programme duration
  • Not currently be in a teaching role and not have had a permanent teaching post
  • Never been part of this programme (Teaching Within) previously

Teaching Within provides this university with an opportunity to progress the recruitment and value added of marginalized communities of practitioners and to transform the institutional paradigm in a variety of wide reaching ways.  


Programme outline:

This programme is an opportunity for higher education, University of the Arts London and the selected 20 individuals.  The selected TW academics will be provided with:

  • Bursary – bursaries for a two day introduction to teaching titled ‘ Thinking Teaching’ followed by the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice in Art, Design and Communication (January 2018 – January 2019) are provided for all TW selected academics
  • Support – UAL academics (current TW academics and GEMS academics) have put themselves forward to be shadowed by TW academics
  • Teaching Experience – Courses have been selected across University of the Arts London to host TW academics.  The host course will negotiate space for 36 hours of paid teaching to take place between February and December 2018 with a minimum of 10 hours before the end of May 2018

Structures – The Shades of Noir team and its founder, GEMS, College Deans, Associate Deans, Course Leaders and TW communities are all within the structures to support the programme and the cohort