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Ethics: Preserving Voices Vulnerable to Erasure ToR Questions

‘Heritage is a powerful tool. It can inculcate a sense of belonging. It can be used to include or exclude, to give accurate or false impressions. It can also be used … to deny, cover up and sanitise the personal and community histories of a sector of … society (Agyeman, 1993).’

Over the last few decades, efforts have been made by many western heritage institutions to implement programming to reach communities which have previously been exploited or excluded. This shift has raised questions of ownership, access, and interpretation of cultural narratives (Simpson, 2001).

This Terms of Reference will discuss the social, political, and educational impact of public cultural presence and the power of heritage institutions. How do culture workers/ makers and educators work as memory keepers? What are their responsibilities in preserving voices vulnerable to erasure?

We welcome contributions to this ToR through submissions. All submissions will be reviewed and further discussions may be required. We would like our intersectional global communities to be present in this document, thus we welcome all voices, positions and practices. This may take the form of both or either a written or visual format, and includes from think pieces to illustration and everything in between. Topics for this ToR may include, but are not limited to:

Anti-establishment collecting/ curating
‘Widening participation’ programming in academic/ cultural institutions
Cultural preservation through creative practice
Erasure of people of color and Indigenous communities in the heritage sector
Inclusive curriculum development
Artistic practices/critiques of work with links to archives
Artistic practices/critiques of work employing traditional/ historic processes, materials
Disability and heritage
Ethics for conservators, collection managers, archivists
The function of memory and cultural representation

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