Submission of Work to Shades of Noir: ‘Citizenship, Migration & Nationality’


Recent events have seen the world awash with issues of immigration. You’ve heard talks of brexit, the refugee crisis etc. Issues concerning nationality, citizenship and migration have been a recurring theme in conversations worldwide for as long as modern civilisation has been around; but why? Studies tell us that our ancestors all originated from Africa, born to one world, one nationality; Homo Erectus. So why must we, the children of our forefathers, feel the need to debate and squabble about land that belongs to us all? Racism, identity crisis’, broken families; all problems created with the modern world’s obsession for who belongs where. This TOR will focus on how nationality, citizenship and migration affects students and practitioners, how it affects: their work, their mental health, whether race and religion play a part, and generally just how it affects their quality of life. It will also look at those who hold dual nationalities and discuss their sense of identity, their sense of belonging.


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