Spiderman Homecoming: Review


Marvel’s latest venture into the Spiderman franchise felt like a breath of fresh air: a new spidey, a new story, a whole new vibe. I feel through this film, Marvel showed its fans that it would not be letting up anytime soon and that its increase in output of films does not mean lower quality… Rather than affecting the quality negatively, the films are only getting better and better. This rendition was completely different to its predecessors and in my opinion immensely better than all of them. What stood out most to me in the film was the diversity of the cast. I don’t know if Marvel did it on purpose to try get a few more brownie points from audiences, after all the backlash they received in response to the whitewashing of Iron fist and Doctor Strange; or if they simply wanted to make Peter Parker’s modern day school life seem more realistic and relatable to life in 2017. Well whatever the reason is, they definitely hit the nail on the head with this one. The old Spider Man films had a predominantly white cast like most of the older superhero films, but this film tried to fit everyone in: black, white, East Asian, Southeast Asian, Latinx. There was a little bit of everything. It was great to see so many different people represented, I feel they fully depicted what a school in 2017 New York would look like, well in terms of diversity anyway.


As a whole the movie was great, from the fight scenes to the humour, to all the special effects, Marvel really outdid themselves. Another standout moment from the movie was the subtle hint towards a rumour that was swirling around the net a couple years back. A rumour suggesting that there’s potentially a Miles Morales Spider Man film in the works. For those who don’t know who Miles Morales is, Miles Morales is the black Spiderman (I won’t go into any more detail than that,  so for those who want to know more about him, just know he’s a great character, an interesting read). Rumours suggested that Donald Glover/Childish Gambino would don the mask and play Miles Morales himself, but as he’s over 30 now the good people back at Marvel HQ decided to make him Miles’ uncle in this movie instead; hinting at the possibility that one day we could actually get a black Spiderman on our movie screens. Growing up I never thought I’d see a black hero on TV other than Storm, let alone a black Spiderman, so the possibility of this rumour finally becoming a real thing was extremely exciting for me.


This wasn’t a POC-led movie, but POC were definitely given room to shine. They all added a little extra to the overall enjoyment of the film, whether it be the humour or the heroics. I feel like the direction Marvel is now trying to take with their movies is one that clears them of the criticism they’ve always received due to the lack of diversity in their films. I don’t know what it was but seeing people from so many different backgrounds made everything seem so much more real to me, maybe simply because it looked like everyday life here in London. This Spiderman movie was definitely progressive in terms of representation in the Superhero universe,  especially before the Black Panther movie, Marvel’s first big budget POC movie, premieres. The diversity in this film will serve as a taster before the main event next February.


I advise any fans of Marvel films to take a trip to their local cinema and give Spiderman: Homecoming a view. It’s a great film, with a grand cast and highlights positive things for the future in the Marvel universe.