Spatial Practices Spring Series: Fundamentals – Housing

19 Jan 2017 – 6.30pm to 8pm


LVMH Lecture Theatre

Central Saint Martins, Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, King’s Cross


Chaired by Oliver Wainwright for Spatial Practices at Central Saint Martins | 19 January – 23 February 2017
The Spatial Practices Lecture Series continues this term with a series of six debates presenting work related to the concerns of the program to the school and the public.

With London’s population set to reach 10 million in the next decade, the capital is facing pressure like never before. The housing market is broken, while the planning system is straining at the seams. Land values have spiralled out of control, while industrial space is being hounded out of the city. Public art has become a garnish to distract from the realities of development, while landscape is being used as greenwash, hiding crimes behind the shrubbery. But there is another way. Chaired by Guardian architecture critic Oliver Wainwright, this series of debates will bring together a diverse range of speakers to interrogate the fundamental forces guiding the future of the London and question how alternative strategies might shape the city for the benefit of all.

 19 January – HOUSING

London’s housing situation is beyond crisis. Homelessness has doubled in the last five years, while the number of “affordable” homes being built has fallen by a third. Council house waiting lists have never been longer, first-time buyers have never been older and we have never spent so much of our income on rent. So what form will the future will London’s housing take? From a council that has set up its own private house building company, to developers building “pocket-sized” starter homes and “co-living” micro-flats, to a community group building homes that will remain affordable in perpetuity, how might these different approaches tackle the future of housing in the capital?

 Barbara Brownlee, Westminster City Council | Kareem Dayes, RUSS Community Land Trust | Amena Matin, London Borough of Croydon | Reza Merchant, The Collective | Marc Vlessing, Pocket Living

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