Some (witty and artistic) hoodlum.

Somehoodlum be the name, visual art and hip hop be the games.

This is an introduction to the artist who caught my attention with his illustration of the real life “raindrop drop top”, taken from the first lyric in Migos’ Bad & Boujee – the song that peaked at number 2 in the US in December, as well as having a significant stake in meme culture during the ongoing period of its success.

Somehoodlum’s style is heavily influenced by hip hop culture and will probably remind you of your favourite tongue in cheek meme, or animation if you’re an Adventure Time lover. His work extends past this square framed illustrations and into animation, for example the video for Lance Skiiwalker of TDE’s ‘Toaster’.

  1.   “A Raindrop, Drop Top”


  1. “Postcard Malone”


  1. “Putting the starboy on the tree”


  1. “Metro Bloomin’”


  1. “Literal Uzi Vert

Words by Charisse Chikwiri.