Shut Down YarlsWood – END detention Demonstration

When: 9/10/2016

Time: 13:00

Where: YarlsWood detention Centre, Milton Ernest, Bedford

Who: Movement for Justice

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Put the date in your diary – get ready – – help make this the biggest & boldest #ShutDownYarlsWood and #EndDetention protest yet! #NoToRacism  #NoToXenophobia

(keep reading for coaches and other info)

Build the mass protest at Yarls Wood, to unite the movement of people WITH AND WITHOUT citizenship, fighting racism and bigotry. We fight to win. We speak the plain truth about racism because that is how we inspire the movement and break the divide-and-rule that obstructs the poor, exploited and struggling classes of society.

The demo’s lead by MFJ at Yarl’s Wood and at Harmondsworth / Colnbrook have been the most powerful expression in Britain of recent years of a collective, optimistic, movement for a better society, starting with fighting back against the racist scapegoating of immigrants. Our protests are building the anti-racist pro-immigrant movement which must grow fast. The detention centre demo’s
– provided a platform for detainees to show their resistance inside, build on it and spread their impact
– won victories including End Detained Fast Track, and the first reductions in the detention system (two centres shut down), and renewed the confidence of the movement against detention
– brought together people of all genders, sexualities and of all levels of immigration status, which is a basis of organisation that must continue.
– Yarl’s Wood and detention is exposed to more people than ever, who are responding by getting involved in the movement.
We inspired the first transnational protest that saw demo’s at EVERY detention centre in Britain, plus many across Europe on May 7th.

We are at a crossroads, facing the dangers of an emboldened far-right across Europe. We are already seeing reactionary attitudes having more confidence: racism, xenophobia, sexism, anti-Muslim and anti-gay sentiments. It is increasingly more obvious that we have to fight beyond the usual routines.

We cannot rely on ANY of the political parties to take the path towards real equality and dignity. Across the political spectrum politicians have been too prepared to either directly BLAME immigrants and the Muslim community for all the problems, or to SIT BY in silence. The choice before us is whether or not we mobilise the power of the oppressed to assert it’s will, end the policy of racist scapegoating, and build a movement strong enough to end austerity and for the first time put the needs of the masses before profit and war.

London Coaches:

Birmingham Coach:

Nottingham Coach:

Coventry Coach:

Bedford Train Station Coach (for those coming by train):

BRISTOL to #YarlsWood We need to raise £500 to make a Bus happen – BUY YOUR TICKET NOW – if we haven’t raised enough by 29th Aug we will refund u (coach co holding booking for us without payment)

WALES FOLK: We have no money to book a coach! we have one reserved and someone has kindly set up this eventbrite page – — if we can sell enough tickets by 29th August we can book it – — – – – – so please book now!! IF we end up not being able to book the coach – everyone will be refunded.

WE DESPERATELY NEED TRANSPORT FROM MANCHESTER AND OR LIVERPOOL BUT HAVE NO MONEY – can you help? speak to organisations, trade unions etc – from both places the coast of a coach is circa £900 and becasue we know most of the folk who want to come are asylum seekers we cant sell loads of tickets to fill the coach – we need some donations to cover the cost of free seats! (get in touch)
Other ways to help…..

PLEASE DONATE: Each Eventbrite page has an option to donate something to help pay for free asylum seekers seats, so if you can’t come or want to donate something extra just click on the green ‘get tickets’ button and choose the ‘donation’ option. If you want to make a direct donation to MFJ our bank details are: Movement for Justice, 21590621, 50-10-29, ref: SYW9donation)

OTHER AREAS: if you want to organise a coach or minibus from your area email to discuss it, we have no more money to pay for additional coaches so need to raise all money needed through donations & ticket sales.

TRADE UNIONS: last demonstration we raised a lot of money with the help of Student Unions, this time round we’re in summer so thats not an option – if you are a member of a Trade Union please ask your branch about making a donation to help pay for transport. There is a very basic model motion linked to on each of the Eventbrite pages.

FUNDRAISERS: If you can help by putting on a fundraiser, get in touch!

SPREAD THE WORD! The women inside are organising and preparing for the 10th September, this is the first demonstration post Brexit and needs to be a huge one to make clear our rejection of the rise in anti immigrant bigotry and attacks, that our movement is growing and stronger than ever. Lets pull out all the stops to make it massive – please forward this email, write something for your blog, we are happy to speak to any press or anyone who wants to write something about the demo.

PRESS: Can you help with a press strategy? get in touch!

WOODEN PALLETS: If we can get a load of wooden pallets they make a fantastic platform to see the detainees better and for them to see and hear us better – if we can get 5-10/15 pallets we will look into hiring a van to get them there (and then ask everyone to pitch in to help carry them) or if anyone coming on the coaches can bring pallets to stash underneath, thats great too.

FOR THOSE WHO CANT MARCH: if you would be interested in doing some other action on the day or in the run up, get in touch, its something a couple of people have raised as a possibility given the terrain around yarlswood is so difficult for those of us with physical impairments – we can start some discussion about what that would be.

ARE YOU DRIVING?: If you are driving and would be willing to help out driving those with physical impairments from the front of Twinwoods to the halfway spot & back at the end of the day, get in touch. We also need drivers who might be willing to give lifts to bedford station for those who have to leave earlier than 5pm (the first bedford coach pick up time).

MUSIC: If you are part of a band and have a song/piece you think is relevant for the women in YarlsWood, get in touch. We have a very basic two PA system with radio and wired mics – we thought it would be good to have two or three short performances (one or two songs).

REMEMBER: Think TALL signs, BIG banners, BRIGHT colours, BOLD messages to the women, NOISE/SOUND and HEIGHT