Shades of Noir and NUS

“Improving the experiences of Black students and helping to close the attainment gap in education requires commitment and a willingness to critically reflect on current practices, perceptions and thinking. It is a matter of social justice that affects the entire student population and educational system. Therefore, institutions need to examine institutional barriers to student achievement, developing trust with Black students and investing in their progress and achievement. This cannot begin by locating the problems within Black students, or negatively referring to their ability, aspirations and work ethic. The problem is a societal one, and an institutional one, which will only change through a whole institution approach, including partnership between students and institution staff.”

A recent report by the NUS highlighted Shades of Noir as one of their case studies of the initiatives being carried out in HEIs to tackle the problem of racial inequality. The report is the result of a literature review and findings from surveys and focus groups, conducted by the National Union of Students’ Black Students’ Campaign. In addition to providing some very illuminating statistics about the students’ attitudes and satisfaction with their education, the report also proposes recommendations for the consideration of organisations and institutions.

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