SEEN AND UNSEEN: Women of colour exploring Representation (Exhibition)

17th – 28th April 2017 


Hanover Building
University of Central Lancashire


The show features work from nine female artists of colour, based both in the UK and internationally, exploring thoughts, ideas and experiences on the theme of representation.

It is undeniable that people of colour and women in general are underrepresented in the media and society’s consciousness at large. While women of colour are increasingly represented in the gallery space, there are still many cases of misrepresentation and underrepresentation. They are Seen and Unseen.

Through mixed media, photography, film and installation, this show brings together a diverse breadth of artists from various backgrounds; engaging in dialogue on how they have been represented and how they would like to be represented. This show presents the complexities of identity, the ways in which collective and individual voices are merged and where an individual often finds themselves a spokesperson for an entire community, not just thinking and expressing for themselves.


Sara Foryame, Amy Dean, Mariel No, Nasreen Jamal Al Lail, Sara Choudhrey, Binita Walia, Saffa Khan, Olivia Twist and Sara Qaed.

Curated by Sara Foryame & Co curated by Amy Dean.

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