Rural Treasures. Cornucopia magazine.

Rare glimpses of Ottoman delights: from the naively painted village mosques of Denizli to the gilded splendours of the sultans’ chambers in the Harem of the Topkapı, Cornucopia takes you well beyond the tourist trail. Maureen Freely laments the loss of the Village Institutes that shaped a generation. Henk Boom charts the turbulent times of a Dutch ambassador. Hadrian comes back larger than life at Sagalassos. Paul Veysseyre’s misty view of Istanbul in the Seventies. A tribute to the diving diva Honor Frost. Plus, divine ways of cooking with grapes, food of the gods

Image credits: Simply Sufi, Cornucopia. By Ali Konyalı, published courtesy of Yapı Kredi Yayınları

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