Ruby Bukhari – Teaching Within 2016

An ex Ual student that came from a background of humanities. Due to a love for the arts I pursued the creative industry. Eventually gaining an internship at Disorder Magazine  where I eventually becoming the Editor  After completing two cycles at the publication, having recruited, trained and supported the team, I decided to start a new venture.

At Disorder I partnered up with the D Foundation to mentor many individuals to gaining positions in the creative industry whether it was freelance or a contract.

I am an avid supporter of young talent, the youth deserve a platform to share their artistic capabilities and the UK is brimming with talent that at times can be pushed aside. For three years now it has been my passion to find this talent and shine a light on it, from make-up artists, photographers, designers, musicians and journalists.

As of this year I have started my own magazine Ruthless and charity to push my work further. The publication shall honestly portray the ideas of the youth and charity shall support anyone regardless of boundaries. Anyone who contributes or works on the magazine is young and unemployed.