Red Forest, Young Vic

Photo Credit: Bronwen Sharp

The new show from Belarus Free Theatre.

After the Chernobyl disaster radiation swept the land like a plague, turning the forests a brilliant poisonous red. Today environmental disasters, both natural and man-made, sweep across the world like nuclear fallout. From Nigeria to Bangladesh, the Amazon to Australia, people are displaced and lives are destroyed by droughts, floods and oil spills.

Aisha is on the run. Forced to flee her village and give birth to her baby girl in the Sahara, she crosses the globe in search of shelter. But to find it, she must overcome the terrible cruelties of nature and man.

The award-winning Belarus Free Theatre return with this world premiere, sharing extraordinary true stories woven together with myths, legends, and hypnotic live music.

Red Forest opens on the 12th of June until the 5th of July. For tickets and more information, please click here: