Ravensbourne Degree Show 2015 Feature Five

Last night we had the pleasure of visiting The Degree Show 15 at Ravensbourne in their impressive contemporary building in North Greenwich. We were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of talent on display. Here are just a few of the aspiring creative professionals that really stood out to us:


Sarah Delgado, Concept Artist and Ilustrator


We enjoyed chatting to Sarah and looking through her portfolio and particularly liked her charming water colour illustrations.

Digital background for animation.

Digital background for animation.

Water Colour from the 'My London Series'

Water Colour from the ‘My London Series’

Chi Chao Yang Andy, Photographer


www.andyccyang.com (Street Photography Arsenal, Gillespie Road Vendors)


Fahud Ahmed, Multidisciplinary Creative
We saw many showreels in the Motion Graphics room, but Fahud’s caught our eye because the graphics were fun and entertaining and it was so well edited that we really got to see many examples of what he can do in a really short space of time.


We’re featuring two designers from Product Design, we were fascinated by all the innovative projects we found in this room, some of which addressed environmental and societal concerns

Alani Fadzil, Product Designer


Picture from ‘Quip’ project which aimed to design a product to reduce food waste from the fridge. A simple project that would prevent a common problem.

'Quip' project

‘Quip’ project




‘Soled’ collaborative project with other Ravensbourne students Lauren Joseph and Jena Kitley. The students designed a guide that would enable people to make shoes from recycled materials in less developed countries.

Minesh Kabaria, Designer


We liked his multi-functional kitchen appliance which was both a steamer and a fryer and was designed with Indian treat-making in mind and addressed the lack of counter space available to store many appliances.