Racializing Desire: Virtual Conversations

‘he smelt different, didn’t he? he smelt different

to me.’

‘I haven’t read Another Country yet but I will start..your comment on this makes me think of this white guy I’m speaking to, we write to each other often. I feel as though I have a lot more to offer him than he has to offer me and he has admitted this to me and said it to me himself, yet he has ways of helping me that perhaps he doesn’t know or see yet but I do. but I wouldn’t say I would use him to validate my suffering, yet I can’t help but think that to become close to a reflection of myself and/or a black mixed identifying male or female would we validate our suffering to one another this way or would we be liberating one another?..i think about this a lot actually..which is probs why I acted out and got all weird which is what I’ve been reflecting on my actions these past weeks..because I see the union of two queer identities that reflect each other in ways that are so succinct ie: me and you, as the ultimate political statement, the ultimate freedom and the ultimate love..and how urgent it is right now in the times we live in for these unions to happen and to be seen, but as you said the world has always been in a state of urgency.. so I’m just not sure anymore..’

‘Did you really think I was fetishising you? I don’t fetishise you though..I’ve had black girlfriends, white girlfriends, Asian girlfriends…’

‘You need to stop taking things so personally and seriously, I don’t take anything seriously, not anymore.’

‘You’re like..the best of both worlds’

‘You know I don’t like white girls’

‘Mixed race girls are an acquired taste.’