Questions to the culture: The NFL

Ok, so the NFL has been a topic of discussion in the culture for a long time now. The team owners, the board members and pretty much everyone at the top have really shown their true colours as of late, and I feel like now is the time where the football players must now decide what’s next? You’ve seen how they view you, going as far as to label you “inmates”, you’ve seen how they treat you by the example of Colin Kaepernick, taking a knee doesn’t mean anything now, it’s simply a minor revolt on the modern-day cotton field that is the American football field. They trade and auction young predominantly black men and watch them run, compete and battle while they fatten their pockets and profit off of them, it’s almost like the Mandingo fights all over again.

When will we realise that we have the power? In the NFL. In the NBA. We make up most of their teams. We’re their superstars. People come to see us. People pay to see us. So why? Why do we continue to allow these old men in suits to have such power over us? We continue to let our every action and whim be dictated by these men; punished when we voice our opinions and speak our truths. Without us they’re nothing. They’ve disrespected us as a community and more specifically, you the Football players, so much now that something has to be done. One or two knees are now not sufficient enough. So again, I ask what’s next? Although it’s quite selfish for us to ask you to give up your stability and your hard-earned money, it has to be done. A modern-day slave trade hidden behind million dollar and a hundred thousand dollar contracts; free yourselves from it now, so you can free your children from it in the future. Take your talents elsewhere, people come to see you, you make the money. No matter where you go, the fans will follow. So why don’t we band together and create something special? Create leagues of our own. Ice Cube started it with his BIG3 basketball league, but why don’t we do it on an even bigger scale. Stop giving our talents up for these rich white men to exploit. Let’s do it for ourselves and our future generations.  What more needs to be done to you for you to see this? How long will the money you earn leave you oblivious to such issues, or rather how long will the money you earn help you ignore them? The same way we became one in taking the knee, let’s become one and take this step into bettering the future of our younger ones.

At a time when society is trying its hardest to bring down the image of black men, like with this recent release of age-old FBI files full of extreme ALLEGATIONS against Martin Luther King unnecessarily released by the American government in an obvious attempt to tarnish his name; it’s even more important that NFL players show solidarity and show that this treatment will not be tolerated any further. What has to now be done to further express our rage? I ask the culture, what’s next? I ask the NFL players, what’s next? We took the knee. It wasn’t enough. We exposed them for who they are, it wasn’t enough. So I ask a final time, what’s next?