24th November

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The surge of new platforms available to local up-and-coming talent has helped realise a diverse range of stories in recent years. From these stories a new class of dynamic homegrown filmmakers has emerged. This exhibition invites local talent to discuss their experiences throughout the filmmaking process, including writing, directing and editing their films. This event not only gives young filmmakers a chance to share their experiences but a platform to for the audience to ask questions and discuss. Join us in appreciating a selection of emerging Qatari filmmakers and their short films.


Each short film is a maximum of 12 minutes. It will then be followed by the filmmaker talking about the making of their film and their thoughts on the current film industry in the region, censorship, audience, and opportunities. Questions will be encouraged from the audience.

To end the night, a discussion will take place covering how the current state of film and filmmaking is evolving – or not – in the Gulf region.


Jumana of the Middle East I & II – Sarah Al Derham

Jumana is an everlasting gemstone that represents women in the Middle East. She is the symbol of strength and perseverance. She tells the story of the unwritten rule about love in different cities, focusing on both Doha and Paris. She determines that she does not need a love of a man to grow strong, and in order for her to develop and grow she needs to explore different cities. This is where her love lays. Jumana is strong because she allows herself to be free and explore the beauty of different cityscapes.

Bidoon / Mohamed Al Ibrahim 

Aziz and Rana, two Qatar Foundation students of different social standing, have a secret love. When they decide they want to take their commitment to another level and get married, their families object to the proposed union. Now, Aziz must decide on his next step.

10% / Yousef Al Moadhadhi

10%  is a witty take on everyone’s dependence on mobiles that rings timely and true. Told in hilarious flashbacks, ‘10%’ narrates the story of a young man obsessed with his mobile phone. Worried because his battery is running low, he gets into all kinds of trouble because of his beloved gadget – he loses his job, crashes his car and even falls into a sewage pit. Is this the end of the love affair between man and machine? 10%’ won the Made in Qatar Award at the 2014 Ajyal Youth Film Festival, where the jury praised the film for “the simplicity of its central idea coupled with its excellent techniques in cinematography, direction and presentation.”

Al Hamali / Amal Al Muftah

AlHamali, a documentary about the life of the Hamali, the porter, that assists shoppers at Qatar’s most visited market, Souq Waqif, hauling their goods in his wheelbarrow, while they shop around.

Jazaa – Aisha Al Mohannadi

Jazaa is a short documentary on the relationship between a man and his falcon. He reflects on his first ever falcon, training it and the time he got caught hunting in Pakistan.