Phase 4

September 2016 – April 2018

The Key Aims of Phase Four are as follows:


Offering opportunities for students and staff to come together to share their experiences and knowledge.


Facilitating student led events, chances to exhibit student work, and providing opportunities for  creatives to share their work through online and analog publications.


Providing training and support for academics, creating new resources for creative institutions to use within their curriculum and focusing on pedagogies of social justice.  

Student Development

A number of the Phase Four team have already reflected on their Shades of Noir experience. The team is primarily made up of students and alumni of UAL.

My Shades Experience – Mica Schlosser

Dear Diary: My Shades of Noir Experience (Part 1) – Michael Ukaegbu.

My Shades of Noir Experience: Charisse Chikwiri

My Shades (of Noir) Experience – Andrew Illman 

My Journey with Shades of Noir – Tiffany Webster

Academic Staff Recruitment

Phase Four has seen the launch of Teaching Within, a program which actively creates space for People of Colour to complete their teaching degree.


Staff Development

The handbook audit and developmental workshops continue to be delivered across UAL.  Additionally the training of Academics Diana Donaldson, Mary Evans and Medolie Holliday by Shades of Noir and Black British Academics in order to build capacity in the delivery of this programme of work.



The events which have been facilitated in Phase Four so far can be found on the events section of this site.