Phase 2 @ UAL

Phase 2 @ UAL

Engagement with Students:

In the second phase of Shades of Noir, there was an emphasis on continuing the involvement and consultation with students through interviews, visits to the various colleges and the Freshers Fair, as well as organising guest lectures for students led by outside industry professionals.

Staff Training:

Shades of Noir conducted a number of staff training programs, both within UAL and other colleges, in raising the awareness of the attainment gap and developing new teaching methods to tackle the issues of diversifying the curriculum.


The Shades of Noir website was completely updated and redesigned to help bring forward the work that we do. As a result of feedback, we worked with many accomplished academics and practitioners to create original content and discussion.  New features on the website included:

  • Video Content– Through our video interviews, Shades of Noir offered the opportunity for graduates, industry professionals, and all academic practitioners, including Higher Education Chancellors to share their thoughts and ideas on a more open medium.
  • Blog – With the opportunity to branch out and speak to industry professionals about their work, we were able to generate original content on debates, performances, visits and other relevant events.
  • Database – Through a more updated and efficient system, users of the website were invited to add to our list of ever growing resources in a more instant and interactive way.

 Phase 2 Launch Event:

Shades of Noir hosted a special launch event to introduce our new website, bringing together many of our contributors and supporters to both celebrate the occasion, as well as continue the conversation around inclusion and diversity. Guest speakers on the evening included a range of staff members, graduates as well as representatives of the Student Union. Up and coming BAME artists from all creative fields were also invited to perform on the evening. For the event highlights go here.