Phase 1 @ UAL

Phase 1 @ UAL

Shades of Noir supports transformation of minds and actions.
It is nearing the end of Shades of Noir’s first season in 2013 at the University of the Arts London.

What we’ve achieved so far:

College Debates: Colleges within University of the Arts London have provided a safe place to have a discourse on race for its staff. Outcomes include:

  • Creation of varied proposed pilots of Blind Marking
  • Review of institutional resource lists and inclusivity
  • Enhancement of curriculum and it’s range to inspire beyond the usual and spaces for cultural currency, knowledge and experiences to be shared
  • Instigate staff opportunities for discourse of this kind

‘Happening to Be’ exhibition:

The first all-black exhibition of some of UAL’s most high profile creative alumni from the fields of Film Making, Advertising, Public Art, Fine Art and Tailoring – visited by students and staff, local schools, feeder colleges and members of the general public, and the Fine Art department developing a programme that includes representation of BME creative’s for all students to engage with.
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A Soiree:

The first GEMS (Group for the Equality of Minority Staff) academic event for members to engage with SoN and share the voices of academics both within the university and beyond (including a presentation by Dr Gurnham Singh), statistical data, and possibility for actions where discussed – GEMS is aiming to commission its first research on the experience of BME staff and continues to grow its membership
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CLTAD Academic Practice Provision (APP):

We supported the development and delivery of ‘Inclusive Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, an assessed component of the teaching qualification MA Academic Practice – Students (staff/academics from across the country specialising in Art, Design and Communication Higher Education) on this unit are required in this unit to make an intervention collaboratively (with students, peers and or alumni) and reflect on it. Assessment is on the quality of reflection and considerations for development, additionally this unit is now piloting anonymous marking and now one of the most popular selected units
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Big Debates:

3 debates hosted at different colleges within UAL inviting students, staff, and guests external to UAL to openly discuss and consider actions to support change for greater race equality – outcomes so far include panellists contributing to course developments, collaborations and possible fellowship within the University of the Arts London; as well as external support and proposed SoN collaborations with charities, trusts, institutions and companies.
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A ‘work in progress’ medium to support the communication and promotion of the contributions and value of BME communities, both to creative practice and the global developments. The resource supports the inclusion of broad knowledge and practices that can contribute to the visible enhancement of cultural capital. This information is open access and contributions can be submitted by anyone, the database lists books, people (including recent graduates wanting to showcase their work), events, artefacts and more – a tool to support students and teachers for training, research, promotion, recruitment and curriculum enhancement.