Peekaboo We See You: Whiteness. (OPEN)


Peekaboo We See You: Whiteness ToR Questions

‘Racism is based on the concept of whiteness–a powerful fiction enforced by power and violence. Whiteness is a constantly shifting boundary separating those who are entitled to have certain privileges from those whose exploitation and vulnerability to violence is justified by their not being white’ (Kivel, 1996, p. 19)

This Terms of Reference (ToR) aims to explore concepts of whiteness, this includes but is not exclusive to ‘white supremacy’ (Twine, 1998) ‘white fragility’ (DiAngelo, 2011) ‘white feminism’ (Mirza,1997) and ‘white privilege’ (McIntosh, 1988). This is with particular framing within arts education and industries.

Whilst Shades of Noir have always promoted the voice, experience and expertise of intersectional (Crenshaw, 1991) marginalised communities, within our primary sector the arts, we can not ignore that this sector is starkly white (Richards, Finnigan 2015).

This ToR aims to transcend blame, but instead to consider the history, development and impact of the nuances of whiteness in the hope of developing understanding and most importantly opportunities to present ideas and experiences that may be a catalyst for transformative practices, which move whiteness from a normative construct of oppression into something else.

We welcome contributions to this ToR through submissions. All submissions will be reviewed and further discussions may be required. We would like our intersectional global communities to be present in this document, thus we welcome all voices, positions and practices. This may take the form of both or either a written or visual format, and includes from think pieces to illustration and everything in between. Topics for this ToR may include, but are not limited to:

Responsibility of whiteness
Experience of whiteness
White fragility
Transcending racial oppression
Pedagogies of social justice
White privilege
Creative cultural currency
Institutional racism
White allyship
Creative liberalism


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