Paris is Voguing

18th November 2017 5:30pm


Hackney Showroom
Amhurst Terrace
E8 2BT

The world of Paris Ballroom culture seen through the bickering and banter of House Mothers Stephane Mizrahi & Lasseindra Ninja. These two are known as the pioneers of Paris Vogue, and we see them rehearse, teach and compete in this burgeoning ballroom scene. Fierce battles on and off the floor showcase the variety of Balls, Categories, Competitions and Talent on offer. With a cast of funny, fierce and eloquent queens, Paris is Voguing is the grand-daughter of the iconic Paris is Burning and makes real the dreams of Willy Ninja himself to “make the real Paris Burn”; from Vice to Marie-Claire, it’s a joy to watch Black Excellence set the city on fire!

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