P.S. {ART}

P.S. {ART} started out as an idea for a research project, on the MA Applied Imagination course at Central Saint Martins. Over the year it has evolved into an outright social intervention. At its core, P.S. {ART} is about politically and socially driven art that represents the distinct point of view of the artist and allows people to re-evaluate their idea of political instability and social conflict. This blog incorporates the stories of the artists, their journey, and their art.

Five artists from the various war zones of Pakistan have been enlisted to take part in an exhibition that shows the human face of war, each one of them encapsulates a unique perspective on the conflict. Their experiences under brutal conditions of fear and persecution have shaped them as people and defined them as artists. They serve as a voice for society and their art speaks for itself. Meeting these artists has been truly inspiring and it is a privilege to tell their stories.

Visit the site for more details about exhibitions and artists. Developed by Seher K Tareen.