Open Call for African Portrait Exhibition

Open Call

not portraits from life; they are creations exhibition

Africans and Diaspora- submit your photographs. I am looking for photos taken in a photography studio from 1950s up to the mid-2000s

Out of the submitted photographs; 52 will be chosen to represent each African country and will be on exhibition during the art fair.

An online archive will also be created with all images submitted that fit the requirements. Images will be shared on a dedicated Instagram account and online archive.

not portraits from life; they are creations exhibition offers a new look at the cultural and historical roles of portraitures in Africa. The aim of the exhibition is to bring forth for examination a variety of topics, including changing technologies and their role in portraitures, the once common culture of portraits in Africa, and a continent’s reclaiming narratives via self-produced archives.


Photographs have to have been taken in a studio.

Photographs from the 1950s-2000s.

I am looking for old family photographs. Look into old family albums, forgotten boxes, ask your aunties, etc.

Please note for this project, I am not looking for anything recent or any works by African | diaspora contemporary artists.

Please do submit if you have any old photographs that fit the call. .High-resolution scan, with the date and location and name of the individuals if you have it.

NOTE: All photographs were sourced from a google search that resulted in Pinterest and flickr galleries. Please email me if you can find proper sources.

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