NICOLE OSULA – Contributor 2016

What does diversity and equality mean to you as an artist?

I am a lover of melanin and I enjoy capturing the various skin tones that are present in the black community. I do not believe that beauty should determined by the shade of skin that a person has. Colourism within the black community is something that we often witness, with a very strong presence on social media. It’s upsetting to see that some shades of melanin are glorified and deemed as more attractive while others are frowned upon and depicted in a negative light. This is why I make an effort to work with people of darker complexions – to combat the mentality and draw to attention the majesty of dark skin. No one should be made to feel as though they are unworthy or less than. I believe that there is equal beauty in the diversity of our melanin. I believe that we are all regal.

As well as being a lover of all things melanin, I am also a big enthusiast when it comes to vibrant colours. I often like to incorporate bold flowers in my work, as well as headwraps and jewellery that are vivid in nature. I feel as though they serve as a further complement to the radiance of the black skin.