Mia Blake – Contributor 2016

Mia Blake is a multi-disciplinary artist who mainly works in fashion design and textiles and is currently studying Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear at London College of Fashion. Her work is largely concerned with subculture movements and the countercultural identities that surround her. She particularly enjoys bringing together seemingly conflicting cultures to present notions of hybrid identity. Mia has relations and experience in both the artist and activist communities and works to bring them together to build stronger relations between the two. She strives to provide social spaces for activists and oppressed peoples to enjoy themselves alongside the protesting and fighting.  Most notably she is currently involved in Black Girls Picnic as part of the original organising team and graphic designer. This has grown into a nationwide and international movement with events happening from London to Berlin. She is also one-third of No In-between, a collective working to give platforms focused on Black women and women of colour across our many intersections.