Let’s Show Our Fathers Some Love

Let’s Show Our Fathers Some Love

Lavar Ball is one of 2017s most talked about individuals. Usually when the world speaks of him, it’s in harsh critique; saying he’s too outspoken, too cocky, too involved in his children’s lives and most recently labelled by our dear old friend President Trump, an “ungrateful fool”. With every new week, you can expect to stumble upon a news article about whatever new proclamation or outburst he’s made about himself or his sons and for some reason the world seems to just hate him. Yes, he’s an incredibly pompous fellow but I don’t see anything wrong with anything he says or does, ok maybe not anything but still.

Well who is Lavar Ball?

Well he’s a Black man, and an amazing father, arguably the biggest family man in sports at the moment. When others look at Lavar Ball they say he’s a bad father, and that he shouldn’t be so involved in his children’s lives; I’m always confused because isn’t the myth that black fathers aren’t in their children’s lives enough?  We complain when they’re not present, and now we’re complaining when one is present. Does that even make sense? Lavar is far from being the greatest role model or human in the world but he’s at the whole other end of the spectrum when it comes to fatherhood. Lavar’s told his children that they’re the greatest since they were born and raised them that way, whenever someone tries to downplay his kid’s talent and their future aspirations he simply laughs it off with unyielding confidence, his faith in his children is so unwavering that sometimes you question if he’s even being serious. Throwing out one liners like “I have the utmost confidence in what my boy is doing.”, even when the world is so adamant in trying to discredit him and his son’s abilities. My favorite quote from Lavar is in response to something Golden State Warrior coach Steve Kerr had to say about him, Lavar says “Steve Kerr said I’m not helping them by talking, but here’s the thing: I’ve already helped them by feeding them, clothing them, setting up the shooting machine for them. Not by talking.”. We spend too much time focusing on his words, rather than looking at what he’s done for his boys and what he represents. Just from watching his Facebook show ‘Ball In The Family’ you can see what type of a father he is. I think the media and society spend so much time focusing on the fathers who aren’t there or who aren’t doing so well, and don’t ever focus on those that are there and are setting an example for us young ones. Look at how the media tries to call out Obama for everything his daughter Malia does while she’s at university, which is all 100% unnecessary by the way.

I’m tired of hearing this myth about Black fathers, I know a lot of great dads, mine included that we should all look up to and appreciate. So I wanted to give some appreciation to some Black fathers in the media that we young Black men can learn from for when we have our own future children; in addition to our own fathers and the ones we’re surrounded by of course.

Barack Obama

At one point in every black millennial life I’m sure Barack Obama has been a figure of black excellence that we could all look up to.

Will Smith

As society tried to label him a bad father, and mocked his son because of his gender fluid style. Smith simply said he supports what his son does, and in his artistry and doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

Richard William

Another Great Sports dad, raised and trained champion sisters Serena and Venus Williams.

Uncle Phil

We all know that one scene in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, that all made us cry. Although he wasn’t actually Will’s real dad, he certainly felt like it.

Chris Gardner from the ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’

LONDON – JANUARY 08: (UK TABLOID NEWSPAPERS OUT) (L-R) Subject of the film, Chris Gardner, and actors Jaden Smith and his father Will Smith attend a drinks reception prior to the UK premiere of “The Pursuit of Happyness” in aid of The Prince’s Trust at the Washington Hotel on January 8, 2007 in London, England. (Photo by Claire Greenway/Getty Images)

Will Smith makes an appearance again, but this time as another person in the true story of ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ detailing the lives of Chris Gardner and his son. In this movie, we saw the standard of how hard we as black men and future black father should try to make sure our kids have everything they need.


Michael Kyle

Crazy, but loving. Michael Kyle was the dad we all wanted to be like when we were young.