Jamila Pennycook – Teaching Within 2016


I graduated from Brunel University with a degree in English, Film and Television, considering both subjects strong mediums for social reform.

In former years I actively pursued a career in television where I briefly worked on the production set of The Chart Show and later a small production company for aspiring filmmakers.

Life happened and I needed to get a ‘proper job!’

So, after years in banking and local authority, my love for both education and arts led me to UAL.  In 2013, I joined as an administrator within the University’s Central Disability Service, later moving to and currently working at LCC as a senior administrator.

My natural and most raw talents are art, design and writing; at the tender age of 11, I exhibited sketches and paintings in my local area and later aged 15, went on to work with the 198 Gallery to produce public art work (on the building now reformed as the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton).  Aged 16, my love of Shakespeare had me seeking out voluntary work experience at the Shakespeare Globe Company where I worked mainly in the costumes department.  Aged 17, I had a wonderful opportunity to travel to Amsterdam as part of a student exchange, where I explored a) how film, radio and television works outside the UK and b) how young BAME students use these platforms as a form of escapism both figuratively and literally.

In my spare time I experiment with mixed-media art, which for me is about the engagement of human sensibility and evoking the desire to, not just look at, but also enjoy touching art.

I read and write poems and short stories for pleasure and my long love of acting and theatre keeps my aspiration for playwriting alive and kicking.

Passionate about sharing my knowledge, skills and talents with others, Teaching Within is the door for my offerings of a quirky, down-to-earth and experimental teaching practice, where I believe creative, informative and post-modernistic teaching and learning will be discovered and enjoyed.