Jacob V Joyce- Contributor 2016

Jacob V Joyce is a non binary interdisciplinary artist that disrupts commercial and community spaces with queer and decolonial, creative interventions.

Currently working as an illustrator for Global Justice Now, Jacob creates the artwork for international human rights campaigns as well as comic books and zines addressing personal and global instances of systemic oppression.

As a member of the sorryyoufeeluncomfortable collective and the front person for the band Screaming Toenail, Jacob’s work brings satirical and theatrical critiques to institutional and every day instances of marginalisation. As well as self-publishing a number of illustrated books addressing a variety of political issues, Jacob performs spoken word and solo electronic music which combines ritualistic voice looping with poetic strategies of resistance. In the past Jacob has curated a number of exhibitions including the two week Brixton based festival Survival Guides which featured art works, performances and workshops by over 50 artists. Jacob was one of many activists involved in organising the five London Queer Social Centres and more recently the QTIPOC (queer trans intersex people of colour) lead/centred Queer Picnic.  Studying a Masters in Art and Politics at Goldsmiths until 2018 Jacob intends to continue using art to support and encourage working class, Poc, LGBTQIA and other groups who are perpetually disenfranchised by UK governments to communally and autonomously take direct action and force structural changes in our political landscapes.