Is Political Blackness Past Its Sell By Date? #soasbhm

When: 10/10/2016

Time: 18:00 – 20:00

Where: SOAS Students’ Union 10 Thornhaugh St, WC1H 0XG 

Who: SOAS Students’ Union

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‘Political blackness’ is commonly used in British sociology, which is defined as a term to include ‘African, African-Caribbean, Asian and other visible minority ethnic communities who are oppressed by racism’ (Maylor 2009, 373).

In the past year, discourse surrounding political blackness has dominated the student activist scene.

Specific to the British context, the term was originally used in the 1970s and 80s, when post-colonial migrants of Asian, African, and Caribbean descent united to confront racist oppression. Political blackness is not without its controversy however, and many voices have highlighted a complexity of issues surrounding the term, most prominently its relevancy to the contemporary context.

Our panel will explore the layered relationship between Asian, African, and Caribbean communities in Britain. The speakers shall explore the notion of ‘political blackness’, its historical origins and its relevance to today’s struggle. This discussion will also address issues such as anti-blackness, colourism, Islamophobia and what solidarity looks like in 2016.

Speakers will be announced soon.