Intergenerational Playlist of our Trials & Tribulations

Part 2: ‘A Father’s Lens’

We all have family discussions, debates or even arguments with our family about politics, daily events occurring on the news, representation in the media, etc the list goes on.

My father’s side of the family are of Caribbean descent from the island of St Kitts & Nevis and I can honestly say that to date, the BBCs Black & British Season has caused MANY of the recent intergenerational discussions amongst my own family.  Be it at home watching the programmes together or on those shared whatsapp groups where we check in and share what show is next and what our thoughts are in general.

Much of the dialogue I have and that most of us have when we return home or live at home are inter-generational. From our younger siblings to our parents and even their parents, admittedly conversations on gender politics, identity politics, you name it with generations above me are tricky and will always be tricky to navigate.  All families are different and whilst older generations may find certain topics hard to come to grips with or understand, I’m grateful that listening and respecting (whether we agree with each others opinion or not) to one another has forever been an important characteristic of my family and has been drummed into all of us from a young age.

Whilst Christmas to me is just another consumerist holiday, Capitalism thrives on.  When the family comes together and we catch up on all the events this past year (and it’s been a challenging year to say the least). These moments are the ones I look forward to most, during these festive holidays catching up with family,  friends and Dominoes.. we are all really bad losers and yes, tables have been broken.  

Amongst one of our many political discussions a playlist was created to paint a picture of our current worldwide state of affairs from a perspective of the generation above my own. From the lens of my father, who has a background in music, has grown up with all the timeless classics and lyrics that to him felt like predictions of things to come and today stands by them arguing that many have come true..

‘I chose this Introduction by GURU as the opening sequence to the playlist, this tune reminded me why spoken word is so powerful.’

Jazzalude IV : Maintaining Focus by GURU

‘Redemption Song speaks about issues that we are facing now, I believe it was one of many predictions from artists of all genres, predicting how humanity has come to this point.’

Redemption Song

‘I choose this next song that identifies the struggle of humanity (From the US perspective), again another prediction of where we would be and where we find ourselves now.’

Universal Struggle (ft BrownMan)

‘Whats Going on is a cry for help, in Marvin’s Gaye’s case it about his personal relationship with his father. But again, it’s another artist echoing the sentiments of the lack of compassion around the world. ‘

Whats Going on – Marvin Gaye

‘I think it should end on this last tune and I prefer this original version. It’s a message to all the world leaders, It’s all in the lyrics.’

Wake up Everybody – Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes

Words by Tiffany Webster