Intergenerational Playlist of our Trials & Tribulations. Part 3: Through My Own Lens

2016: A year of historically devastating events worldwide, but also within the same breath, the birth of new movements, creations, and life. Within the West there is an uprising across the Atlantic and on our own home soil within the UK. Black and brown bodies are left vulnerable, terrified for their safety and weary of the ways of the world. The social landscape is changing and it feels like it’s out of our control.

It is prevalent that in particular people of colour are at greater risk and higher danger. How can we organise and mobilise ourselves whilst surviving and fighting for liberation? Rejection and abandonment of the only resources we ‘freely’ have, such as the internet, is not an option, or is it? By using the digital realm many have found solace in communities and platforms, meeting folk just like them and have all come together in solidarity, some even by joining the academic institution have been able to gain access to a variety of archives, resources and network with many in high places.

By  organising and mobilising through our multidisciplinary art-forms be it using our bodies, our speech/voice, our writing abilities or imagery; none of these forms would be able to reach or resonate without the collective platforms and collectively.

Within the last few weeks of 2016 I’ll be completing my final research into current strategies of resistance used by artists of colour through multidisciplinary art-forms as a form of reclaiming, resisting and surviving  our current socio cultural climate.

What are my ‘resolutions’ for 2017? That we must continue to collectively reclaim, resist and survive.

  1. Raury ft Big K.R.I.T : Forbidden Knowledge

2. NAO : In The Morning (Live)

3. Weary: Solange

4. Oshun : The Next Day

5. Princess Nokia : BRUJAS

6. Childish Gambino : Terrified

Words by Tiffany Webster.