Intergenerational conversation on YouTube

To be intergenerational is to be “relating to, or for individuals in different generations or age categories.” Why is this important? For any form of transformation or revolution, there must be an understanding between the past, the present and the future.

When we have intergenerational conversations, the young can learn from the mistakes of the mature, whilst the mature can evolve with the innovation of the young. It is important to have broad and detailed conversations with those who came before us – in order to understand our history and have a clearer view of the possibilities in our future.

Age is a factor that is often missed out when we speak about diversity and/or inclusion. Over time I’ve engaged in recorded conversations on YouTube that succeeded in watering these seeds. Five of these I will share with the intention of inspiring you with enriching topics, that you may take into the next conversation you have with someone younger or older than yourself.

Growing up in Racist America: Meet My 100 Year Old Granny.

“Growing up in Racist America: Meet my 100 year old Great Granny. This woman is my heart and soul right here. Both her and my mother are the greatest inspirations in my life and a large part of who I am and why my faith in myself, God and humanity is strong. I celebrated my Great Granny’s big 100 birthday in Chicago this month and a lot of you saw her on snapchat requesting I do a video with her. As much as I want to keep my family life private especially my Granny, I think hearing a fraction of her story would be helpful and inspiring to some of you.

What I love most about my Granny is her positive outlook on life while remaining grounded in the realities of living in America. Discrimination and hate is a real thing, however Granny hasn’t allowed it to define or limit her. Listen to her discuss racism, living in the south, growing up on a plantation, and moving to Chicago. “

Flying Lotus Discovers His African Ancestry.

Flying Lotus took a DNA test to find out his African ancestry. Watch to discover not only his familial ties to Alice and John Coltrane, but also his musical roots in the popular soul makossa movement.

Meet My Filipina Mom

“Meet my mom! The 4’11 Filipina Canadian responsible for raising Shameless Maya. I’ve been a pretty awesome host the last couple weeks here in NYC to my friend and now my Mama! My mom came to NYC to visit from Toronto and when I posted a pic of us on Instagram a whole lot of people requested that we do a video together. So here it is. My mom is a low talker and has an accent so I hope you can understand most of what she’s saying. She was here in NYC for 5 days and I took her to all the fabulous tourist spots that she wanted to visit, which included Central Park, a cruise around Ellis Island to see the Statue of Liberty and The High Line.”

The Grapevine – Are Africans Pressured to Get Married?

We have all seen the exciting videos of some elaborate African weddings on the internet. So, this week, the panelists discuss the pressure in the African Community to get married and what that means here in America.

Lauryn Hill Dropping Truth To The Youth Back In 2000!

“If there are any questions about what is ahead for you, please feel free to ask me because everything that is out there, even that I’m privy to, so are you.”