‘I’ll Beat the Woman Out of You’

He shouts: “I can stab you right now.” At my friend and I as we’re trying to get the bus back home from trafalgar square.  Coming back from a night of drinking and dancing, feeling liberated and simply happy.
It seems he didn’t want to see that. We were laughing out loud and he wasn’t happy about that. Our joy made him angry.

Had been following us? Maybe listened to us calling our selves proud feminists, or just us laughing out loud and being outspoken.

‘How dare you be loud, you are a woman this is not your place’ Is this what he had been trying to say when he called us “Whores”.

He said why do you think “killing babies is funny”. Was this the colour of my skin?  Was this the way I looked? Or because I am a woman being outspoken and loud?

Even though my smile was frozen on my face, maybe because this had happened so many times that I wasn’t surprised. A man trying to prove his authority and power over me. I have experienced in all sorts of different ways both here in the UK and other places.
All I could think about at that point was, ‘two women a week’ are reported murdered due to domestic violence. That could have been us right there our lives taken in the hands of patriarchy. My thought is that there’s no other reason but men like him thinking of us women as the weaker and worthless gender. They see us as objects that could be consumed, thrown away afterwards and maybe killed.

We are tired. Tired of their stares, their smirks their unwanted admiration, of them asking, “where are you from? You have beautiful brown skin”. We are tired of them following us home, of having to run from them because they don’t understand what “No” means. Of the “darlings, Loves and babys”, of the “Damn Gurls” and “you’d look prettier if you smiled”. We are so tired of being groped, slapped on our backs and if we refuse in our faces, of having their heavy arms around us or on our shoulders, they drag us down on the floor because they think we belong at their feet or have a lower status. We’re so tired!

The only thing that has helped me cope was the Sisters Uncut march. Seeing the images of women marching down Trafalgar Square where we were attacked and perhaps so many women before and after us. They dyed the fountains red , the colour of all the women’s blood shed as a result of violence. So many women of all backgrounds, marching down central London with one goal, EQUALITY.

Women have been doing so for centuries, together hand in hand fighting the laws that don’t recognise them as equal. We have archived so much in the western society, but so much is to be done in other countries. We need to realise our privileges as well as where we are lacking, and see how we could use this privilege and in some ways reaffirm our power to bring other women around the globe with us. Women who are voiceless and are taught to internalise their freedoms to think as I do so right through writing and sharing my thoughts.

Violence against women is a universal sexist language, spoken by a some men. It has taken just too many lives, all for what? Proof of power and manhood? It doesn’t only happen by and through the privileged men of the west, but around the world. It seems a womens right have been violated from the very beginning of time.

We march down the streets shouting into the void, who is there to hear us George Osborn who’s cutting budgets that helped women escaping domestic violence? Are we really so worthless to this government to be paying 5p tax for our luxury sanitary pads to help organisations made for us, which should be funded by the men in power who have caused the problems in the first place! Unless we occupy positions of power and help each other, the won’t take any steps for our sake.

At the last event Race, Religion and Free Speech there were moments where hastags were mentioned and challenged.  There was one in particular, a phrase used by the queer and minority feminist groups to remind ourselves where we stand and where they stand. It’s not about violence against caucasian men, however it’s about those who are privileged and use their privilege to dominate us at the minority. It’s about those who take our rights away from us. And It’s not just about women, but also the Trans folk, Queer folk and people of colour who suffer from these men.

They say bleed so you won’t bleed again,
and we say “Power to the Sisters”.