I will hold your gaze: Trans and Non-Binary Exhibition

18th July – 22nd July 2017


Cookhouse Gallery Chelsea College of Arts

6 John Islip St


Curated by Lily Waite, I Will Hold Your Gaze aims to provide a much-needed space and platform for trans and non-binary students and graduates across UAL, highlighting and celebrating their voices. As in society, the trans community within the ‘art world’ is still massively underrepresented, and often overlooked, and ignored.
A trans-disciplinary exhibition, I Will Hold Your Gaze will attempt to explore gender, race, sexuality, and identity through different media, as well as reacting to the broader art world and media’s ignorance and problematic view- and standpoints, whilst navigating cis and male gazes, resulting in an exhibition that provides and authentic insight into the lives of trans and non-binary individuals.

PV: Tuesday 18th July @ 18:00.

More details to follow.

***Submissions open for trans and non-binary students and graduates across UAL: please submit works using the following link:https://podio.com/webforms/18191536/1222418 ***

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