Grenfell: A Poem


A column of flame stands erect

in yet another bleak London night.

A symbol of corruption, neglect and pain manifest;

Life impacted by gentrification now brought to light.


A 220ft furnace

that will serve as a constant reminder.

A testament to the night, we cannot and will not

ever put behind us


The night humans became cattle.

Executed in their home.

Missing British People.

Their whereabouts now unknown.


The ice queen makes her first onscreen appearance;

her steely demeanor remains,

not one hair out of place.

She simply heads back to her castle,

from which she can continue her reign.


She knows the month of May has passed

so she shows no concern.

In spite, this June

she sat back,

and simply let us burn.


To the Grenfell Tower victims, we wish you strength in this terrible time.

I can’t imagine how it must feel to lose your homes, your families, and your friends

all in one red summer night.


For Grenfell Tower

let us all mourn together

The 14th of June 2017,

a summer night we must always remember