Goldsmiths MFA Fine Art Degree Show 2015

Last night we went to the private view for the Goldsmiths MFA Fine Art Degree Show 2015. The show was truly incredible, there was so much to see and the work was so engaging and imaginatively installed that we weren’t sure we had seen everything before the show closed and security asked us to leave! Anyone planning a degree show for next year – I thoroughly recommend a visit.

These were some of our highlights:


Aysha Almoayyad’s Ink drawings on paper with their provocative text taped to the walls had a sense of immediacy.




Sherko Abdul-Razaq’s live performance drew a large crowd to listen to his music, many of whom had their hands over their ears while they listened to his literally explosive sound which used musical instruments and dynamite.


Himali Sing Soin

Poetic words from Himali Sing Soin:

Also check out her film ‘The Distance to The Moon I’ which appropriates footage from ‘A Trip to the Moon’ and sound from the Apollo Space Mission.



Stunning multi-channel video projection from Min-Wei Ting




Multi Media Installation from Jonathan Shoet Gluzberg:

“Dear friends and enemies,
You are warmly invited to attend the ceremonious unveiling of some of the most important human and chicken historical mythological artefacts uncovered to date.
The songs of a million voices will be sung.
Puck pe’kaak pu’u’k pe’k’aak puckP’aaak, pu’ka’k, puckpuck pek’aak pak pak.”