“Golden Child”—New Diorama Theatre

Written by David Henry Hwang
Directed by Ng Choon Ping

“Hwang has gotten hold of a great subject, and he’s a vigorous writer. “Golden Child” has some of the crude storytelling energy of a potboiler or mini-series — a coarse narrative vitality”
—Washington Post

Golden ChildEng Tieng Bin returns home to his daughter and his three wives after three years away on business. He brings a newfound interest in ‘occidental’ culture to their traditional Confucian household—with a Christian missionary as a guest.

Golden Child is a gripping and entertaining tale about a Chinese family caught between traditional values and the modern world.

Written by the Tony Award-winning playwright of M. Butterfly, Yellow Face and Chinglish, Golden Child examines the politics of cultural conversion at the dawn of an intercultural world.

Award-winning Ng Choon Ping directs a strong team of East Asian talent led by Jacqueline Chan. Designer Moi Tran creates a poignant contemporary set which brings early 1900s China into the 21st century.

‘Golden Child’ opens on 2nd October and closes on the 12th October. For more information, please click here.