Gifs as art = Gifs as resistance

Gif artists and selfie artists have started to have a reputation amongst art lovers. It can be associated with artistic narcissism, as well as privilege and white gaze.

However, I have found that making gifs of myself in public is very empowering. Anyone who has ever felt marginalised in anyway, knows that being visibly loud isn’t easy. It’s a confusing feeling between being invisible whilst being the most visible. Having to deal with people staring at you isn’t easy, which is why I find it very empowering to capture moments in which I felt the most unsafe because of my visible expression of my gender and racial identity, mainly in public. To me this is a way of poking fun at the situation and the people around me and by making myself the subject, I distance myself from the oppression.

Maybe i’m not just another selfie artist?

Here are some of the gifs I have made so far:






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By Katy Jalili