FrosandSuch – The Genesis

Frosandsuch is a passion-child that I have been carrying since Summer last year. I recently wrote about being in the planning stages of the project here, and am now excited to share the newly live website. It is the result of a collaboration between myself and Olivia Ema, who is our Art Director.


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About Us.

FrosandSuch began with a “for black women with kinky-coily hair, by black women with kinky-coily hair” ethos. The intention was to create a service that would provide ALL women with the knowledge and resources needed to learn how best to care for, and feel confident in their natural hair.

Celebrating individuality, being an example of true diversity, and inspiring carefree spirits are the at the heart of all that FrosandSuch aims to do.

However, with the current rise and saturation of the natural hair movement, we had to ask ourselves “what are we bringing to the table that is missing or doesn’t already exist?” Secondly, “why are we needed?”

We understand that this is bigger than hair, bigger than an editorial aesthetic and bigger than any one individual. We are here for purposeful, practical and long-lasting empowerment. Seeking what it really means to make the most out of life, together and for ourselves.

For us, our hair has been a starting point in discovering our personal identities, sparking necessary conversation, meeting like-minded women and influencing the direction of our creative careers.

For those who like us, need Frosandsuch, it will be an inclusive network. A platform for expression. A safe space. An open and accessible blueprint for success.

FrosandSuch has no limit and no end. It will be what it needs to be when it needs to be. It will manifest itself in a multitude of ways. It will continually evolve along with the women behind it, and with the world that we live in.

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